Hi, I'm Zhiying!

I am an Year 3 undergraduate student at National University of Singapore, majoring in Computer Science. I am a passionate and driven learner who is eager to put my skills into practice!

I am currently looking for an internship starting 2023 Summer, and I hope to intern in a forward-moving firm to hone my computing skills and explore new areas in computing!

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Quick Intro about myself

• Undergraduate majoring in Computer Science, second major in Mathematics

• 3 years' experience in coding
• Strong fundamentals in Data Structures, Algorithms, Algebra and Probability
• Java, Python, C etc.
• HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, React, SQL, Django, Docker

• Experience in software/web development, containers, testing, etc
• Experience in holding discussion sections, giving presentations
• Currently looking for a internship position in software engineering

Check out my resume here!


What I'm proud of


Efficient Work and Study

I have my own way of working and studying efficiently, so can have free time to learn stuff that I really enjoy :)


Motivated learner

I enjoy exploring new areas and can pick up new skills quickly


Commmunication and Group Work

I am confident in sharing my ideas, and can work comfortably in any team size

My skills


Programming Languaes

Java, Python, C


Web Development

Front-end: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React.js

Back-end: Django, Docker




Programming Art

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